School of Culinary Management

The School of Culinary Management aims to create world-class Culinary professionals who will take the art of cuisine on a global scale, generate culinary advancements through talent and innovation, and make a mark on the food and cuisine industry.

Treston International College pioneered the Bachelor Degree Program for Culinary Management in The Philippines.

Student Gains:

  • Treston Diploma, 3-year degree program
  • International and National Professional Certifications
  • International and Local Opportunities for internship and placement
  • Advanced Training



The ACF partnership provides students with internationally recognized culinary training. They receive internationally acknowledged certificates that open doors for those who would like to purse their chosen profession abroad.


Students are trained by top baking and pastry chefs with the option to participate in pastry programs in Malaysia and India to complete their training. Once completed, they are given two certificates— a diploma from Treston International College and an internationally accredited certificate.


Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management

Treston International College is the first school in the Philippines to offer a degree course in Culinary Management. The program aims to prepare students to be highly qualified culinary executives and managers in the food service industry.

Treston International College is equipped with world-class kitchen laboratories such as a demonstration kitchen, hot, cold and pastry kitchens.

For more information about the School of Culinary Management, please download the program catalogue here.

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