Our Students

“Beyond offering a unique educational experience through their state-0f-the-art facilities and conducive to learning study spaces, Treston instills in us valuable lessons that mold us into confident young professionals and eventually, future leaders in our chosen career paths. Our faculty is composed of competent educators who have extensive work experience in their respective fields, both local and international. They are very hands-on and updated to the latest approaches in teaching, which keeps me at my toes and pushes me to give the best I can in everything.

As an HRM student, it's important that our learning does not only happen in a classroom setting. Treston gives us the opportunity to apply our learnings outside the confines of a classroom by organizing local and international exposure trips and tours. This way, our learning comes full circle. One of the most memorable tours I've attended was the Singapore – Malaysia Cruise held last September, 2012. Apart from being a relaxing trip, we were able to experience the ins and outs of ship life; we experienced fine dining at the ship's premiere restaurant, we were able to explore the ship's kitchen, and even taste some local street food in Malaysia and much more (I was even able to perform some flute pieces in the ship's atrium!). This truly was a trip for the senses and a way for us to be exposed in our future industry.

Aside from the school excursions and trips, we are also encouraged to join a series of competitions. As a hospitality management student, I've attended many events and contests here in the Philippines and have competed in a couple. The competitions we join play a big part in developing our confidence and in training us to handle stressful situations. Although difficult at times, I believe that these challenges are incremental to my success in the future. Over the years, Treston has been helping me to become the best version of myself. Investing in one's image to be ready for the corporate world is one of the most important lessons I've learned as a student of Treston. Hopefully, through all the trainings I have received, I would become a successful manager someday.”

-Angelo Ampil, Graduate, Hotel and Restaurant Management

“What I enjoy most about studying in Treston is the prevalent friendliness around the campus. From my fellow students to the professors and the school staff, each and every one of them is approachable and willing to help the students in whatever problems they are facing, whether it be academic, financial, or even personal issues. Aside from making us feel taken care of, Treston has also helped me gain confidence especially when it comes to interacting with different people. To me, the people in Treston are like my second family, and TIC is like my second HOME. “

-Javier Berlanga, 4th year HRM student

“At Treston, I very much enjoy the company of the friends I have gained as well as the loving and very considerate professors and school deans from whom I learn a lot. I love the state-of-the-art facilities that Treston has; it makes me feel very professional and at the same time comfortable. And the fact that Treston is located at a very strategic location that is very accessible and convenient for me is a bonus. In my two and half years in Treston, I have learned that you do not have to be an incredibly popular institution to be great. Treston is a fairly new school but it's already making waves and this is so because of the highly qualified professors Treston has that guarantees quality education. Being the former School of Business secretary, and now the current president, I have learned that the core of professionalism is being responsible not only for oneself but for others as well.“

-Erika Larkins, Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management