Senior High School

Treston Senior High School hones the innovative mind of students and maximizes their potential through hands-on learning and assessment tools. Academic and technical-vocational livelihood tracks are specifically tailored for students to excel in their chosen field of specialization.

Students are prepared for higher education and employment through Treston's state-of-the-art facilities, qualified faculty and industry-relevant curriculum.

Tracks, Strands and Specialization

  1. 1. Academic Track:
    1. a. General Academic Strand
    2. b. Accountancy, Business and Management Strand
    3. c. Humanities and Social Sciences
    4. d. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  2. 2. Technical - Vocational Livelihood Track in Home Economics:
    1. a. Home Economics
      1. i. Cookery NCII
      2. ii. Housekeeping NCII
      3. iii. Tourism Promotion Services NCII
      4. iv. Food & Beverage Services NCII
      5. v. Bread & Pastry Production NCII
      6. vi. Wellness Massage NCII
      7. vii. Events Management Services NCII
    2. b. Information Communication Technology
      1. i. Contact Center Services NCII
      2. ii. Computer Systems Servicing NCII