Treston International College is committed to provide students nationwide with the opportunity to access international college education and advanced trainings through its Scholarship Program. Scholarships are given to qualified students from Private and DepEd schools.

  • Entrance Scholarship Grant (ESG)

    Eligible to apply are Valedictorians, Salutatorians and students with a GWA of 90 and above.

  • Financial Assistance Grant (FAG)

    FAG is an aid program that offers a subsidy for students that meet the required Academic Performance.

Requirements and Basis for Scholarship

Requirements for Scholarship Application may be secured from the Admissions Office. Admission Direct Lines: (632) 459 7411 or (632) 459 7412 or (632) 459 7400 locals 7411 or 7412 email

Application Process

  • 1. The applicant must secure the following forms online or from the Admissions Office:
    • a. Scholarship Application Form (SAF) (download).
    • b. Application for Admission Form Degree Program (download) or Application for Admission Senior High School (download)
    • c. Recommendation Forms from the Principal or Guidance Counselor (download)
  • 2. The applicant must submit the completed forms and other Admission requirements.
  • 3. Secure an Admissions Examination schedule.
  • 4. Upon passing the examination, The Admissions Office will schedule the applicant for an interview.
  • 5. All successful grantees will be informed thru phone, email or postal mail and will receive a Scholarship Decision Letter from the Admissions Office.

Application Period

The applicant may apply immediately upon submission of the Application Form together with the Scholarship Application Form. It is recommended that the application be processed ahead of the start of the Academic Year, as there are limited slots for scholarship grantees.

Retention Policy

In order to be retained as a scholar, the required minimum grade must be maintained in any subject or course. In addition, a scholar must not have a record of disciplinary action.